Project support

Xpert Data provides support in various projects. Based on your requirements, we provide support and advice in projects where the DrayTek, ACTi and DINTEK products can be deployed.

Examples are:

  • Connecting 20 branches through VPN including a central VPN concentrator
  • Management of routers via a management system where the products are provided with a default configuration (starting from 50 routers).
  • Security projects with multiple IP cameras.
  • Providing office environments with cabling for IP cameras, workstations, access control and IP telephony.

The support of Xpert Data includes technical and commercial advice in choosing the right products in the preliminary stage, possible preparations for the appropriate configurations of the delivery, supervision during delivery and any follow up.

To apply for project support, please complete the form below, so we can determine together with you, which type of project support can be used. One of our employees will contact you.

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