New: Full Fiber-10G DrayTek VigorSwitch FX2120

Today DrayTek introduces the VigorSwitch FX2120. This is a 10 Gigabit switch with 12 Gigabit SFP+ fiber optic and/or Ethernet ports for uplink/downlink and 1 console port. The switch has a high switching capacity of 240Gbps.

New: DrayTek Vigor 2866

Today DrayTek introduces the Vigor 2866-A. This VDSL2 Supervectoring modem/router is the ultimate DSL router for the business SMB segment.

New: DrayTek Vigor 2766ac

DrayTek introduces the wireless model of the Vigor 2766 series. This VDSL Supervectoring modem/router has dual band wireless for a fast and efficient wireless network.

New: DINTEK Fiber tool kit

Speed ​​up the fiber installation process using the tools in this new fiber essential tool kit from DINTEK. This kit consists of high-quality tools for assembling glass fibers.

KEDACOM bodycam solution

KEDACOM has a number of new affordable products in the range that can be used for the maintenance of public safety. The bodycam DSJ-U3 and the data docking station ZCS-KDCA-3-6N are widely applicable.